Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Just completed watching PARZANIA.
And I can't fathom the anger,the unrest toiling in me.
The movie enunciated-What happened during the Gujarat riots.something which happens during all religious riots-the eclipse of revenge,hatred,rage,narrow mindedness,violence eclipsed over sense.

No,it is not a nightmare.Its the foolishness of the hopeless bastards coming together who never ever once have been able to do anything good in their life.
Grouping together,killing people,raping women,mauling families,brandishing swords
-absolute mayhem.
Just a movie sent a chill down my spine,I even shudder to imagine what would have been the state of the hapless thousands who were very much butchered live during these rampages.

Not long time back while I was staying in my hostel during my engineering years I had quite a good friendship with my college juniors.

Most of them were from Gujarat.
One fine day I just casually asked them about the Gujarat and Godhra riots,the languished look itself spoke a thousand words even before they said anything.
And then what they told me was something that even to this day sends a chill down my spine.One of them told me that he had seen these rioters havocing hell on a pregnant women and her daughter.
Firstly they raped the daughther-6 years old,so small so fragile in front of the mother's eyes.Then they raped the mother herself.While raping her they threw her daughter in the fire nearby.
And after they were done with the lady they cut straight through her stomach and they were not satisfied till they were done killing the foetus also.
Now is this the day we all are educated for.
Can't we people even have just one small sense of humanity.

I always think that we young people are educated,we would never ever take part in such dastardly acts of stupidity.
I too have friends,friends across all religions,friends following different gods,different thought processes.We are not the ones who would ever do so.

But,sadly for me i have also seen people as young as me lost in religious extermism.They think that they are superior because of their religion.
Just last year i was working at a place in India where the word patience in people was NULL.
It was the very place which was in news a few days back because of the Marathi natives opposing each and everyone who was not a native of that place.

This was my first stint with such religious and geographical narrow mindedness.
I would like to remind my friends time and again that these riots,foolish killings are just the brainchild of some political leader and nothing else.
They just fill that hate with their infuriating remarks and their work is done.Please don't fall for this.

Everyother day we hear happenings-Fall of Babri masjid,attack on pub going women,Godhra issue.....
Terrosrism and acts of violence are sometimes because of a seed of these contentions.

Yes,I agree that every nation has its part of riots and communal outbursts but there are hardly any nations where riots are supported by the government and the police.
I have always loved my country but the attitude of certain countrymen makes me sceptical.

My fellow friends PLEASE WAKE UP.
We are the ones who can make a difference to this world.
Every other day we meet someone who is full of this religious filth ready to explode.
Teach them patience,teach them respect.
Teach them love.There is no word like revenge.
Cause in that case this war would never stop.
Even a small act of humanness from us might set a whole system's velocity right.

I would like to use this post as a medium to say with folded arms to each and every reader-Please never ever even think of indulging in such an activity.

Please spread this chain,spread love.

As Gandhiji rightly said-"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday khaddaram(Hole man)

I was standing there somewhat appalled by the days happenings.
Was feeling heavy hearted over my roommates cold vibes.

Was nervous that whether I would be able to continue my stay with him or not.
Felt that happiness has become elusive.

Was walking in a departmental store.
Stopped when a man came in my trajectory.
Infact a young labourer, somewhere around 20,tattered shirt,torn jeans, disheveled hair,no footwear.
There was something in the smile that he was wearing that pulled me towards him.
And then he pulled out a neatly gift wrapped small box.

And then he said to the Shopkeeper:

Ispe happy bday likh do sirji,aaj khadda ram ka birthday hai
(“Write happy Bday on it sir.Today is Khadda Ram’s[“A comic name meaning hole man”] birthday”)

And then I could feel the bicker die.
A man who was not even amply dressed,unable to have even a square meal a day,had put a heavy part of his savings for buying a gift for his friend khadda Ram.He gave the best,all that he could give,just to make his friend happy.I was moved.
I stood there smiling for long.

And then turned back with the same smile,my yesterdays dilemma eroded,and I said to myself,yes I would try again…

Wrote for 3ww for the wordsBICKER,NERVOUS,TRAJECTORY.

Wanted to write in my other blog chaos but stuff that has shown me the meaning to live is something that I put here on Worldly confrontations.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

I stand up and salute you

Been a long tym since I have come at this page.
But this blog is something I believe is truly me.
There wud be no publicity for this is something that I was damn clear about.
THere wont be any ads on this blog.I even din't do word of mouth publicity for this.
Coz this blog will surmount laud float fall die grow only on 1 thing and thats my work and work only.....

Dint write here much coz I dint feel anything much worthy enuf 2 write.
But there is something that pinched me back.
First of all an apology for any1 handicapped,coz I have used there true examples the most.But somehow it happens that they truly have helped me know the Truth.
And yup mom again involved...

Well,this happened 1 busy day whn mom was on her way to go to work(She being a teacher,her workplace z her school).

She missed her bus.And in a hurry she caught an auto.
In the end there was 1 more passenger in the auto apart from her,a teenage boy of 20-22 years.Now they both came to a cross road.At 1 side lay the school and at the other side the railway station.That boy had obviously to go to the station.
But seeing mummy's concern the boy told the auto driver-"Take ma'm from here,I would walk from here as the station is not much far away."

Since,he was sitting in the back seat,mom cudn't see her get down.

And when she was just about to alight from the auto,she saw the man walking,but..
but on 1 leg wid the help of crutches.
There was nothing which mom could do.
But just his humbleness made us think,that even after being lame he dint see his pain but just saw my mom's comfort.

And we all worldly fools are just raving just to have our say,just to have our comfort.
We are so much embroiled in our SELF,that even if there is a choice between our luxury and the other one's need,we would cut his NEED for our luxury.

I guess its tym for all of of us to stand up,to understand,to see things beyond the obvious.

Dear angel,I would never ever know your name,but your single action would always stay fresh,no matter what.
I stand up and salute you..


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salaaam Saab......("Is respect so COSTLY")!!!!!

Few days back I was discussing the aspect of respect with my mother.
We both had been contemplating at this thought since long.
She is a teacher at a school.

And then she told me that sometimes how much more it meant to wish a maid at school
or their school buses conductor than their colleauges
(Although I am not saying we shouldn't wish our colleauges).
Because we generally tend to take these people for granted,thinking that since we are on a higher position as compared to them so its they who should wish and respect us.
And then somewhere I made a mental note to treat one and all with equal level of respect,
the respect that I have always yearned for....

Next day was a friday.
I came to my office.
Before entering into our floor we have to sign-in in a register place near a security guard.
Since the last 2 months I have seen this guard stand up without fail and wish me good morning.I always treated him with respect and gave him a warm 'Very GM'.Actually his standing up seems even more noteworthy me as he is more aged than me.
And then there was this friday.
As ususal I came climbing the stairs running and there he was sitting at my ODC(floor's)entry.
And before he could stand up and wish me I greeted him Good morning.
He seemed dumbfounded.Although he din't say anything like that but the surprise was evident.
For the next 5 minutes while I was standing there and doin my sign in he complemented me on my attire,my shoes and finally wished me good day...

I know he obviously felt happy,but the happiness that I felt was astronomical as compared to him.

Days have passed since then and daily there is a race between us that who greets the other first.Had a chat with these guards.As my office is at 5th floor so when I climb up till here I pass all the guards one by one on each floor.And since there duties circulate on all floors,so it means that at one time or the other we had interaction.

And even today while I was coming up I cud see familiar faces waving me at each floor as I was coming up.It was actually a heavenly feeling.Its rightly said give respect and earn respect.

I know that there are millions who give respect like a gentleman but I have still seen some few who take other ppl for granted,wishing only their seniors or the ones from whom advantage can be extracted.

Even if one person understands this,then I would feel the work is done.
And yup thanks mom for giving me this wonderful advice..

Try it friends,it works..............
You will Actually feel gud:)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just not "A day in my office"

As usual one more day of office.
Well,for the information of all,am working in a software company.
And like all MNC's my company also has a staggering strong bench which they happily call as business wait.
Was on this since long till recently I 2 got a project.
Finally the process of a real job.
12 hours I am out of home.
10 to 10.

But still life hasn't changed.
The module that I am assigned to hasn't mch of a work.

And even today there was one more conference.
Boring,absolutely boring.
All were discussing Spring.
It was a small confrence room.
There was a table in between and a projector's screen in the front.
And I was there standing by a wall.A place where I could seee exactly equal no of ppl on both sides.Chatting,explaining,fighting,laughing.................
Felt like the movies.I closed and opened my eyes and things seemed to pass in seconds.

And suddenly I closed my eyes,voices seemed to die...
And I somehow felt that I am stuck.
There is this writer's voice deep down,soft very soft,lost somewhere in the cries of the crowd...

And then I realised he needed to be saved,to be resurrected,rejuvenated.
So,that he can see the light of the day.

And I said Breathe Harsha Breathe.
Fly Harsha Fly.
And then I looked back,the wings were there but a bunch of shrivelled feathers.
Looked for the sky but my eye met barriers.
And then I could feel the pull...

And then I thought the time has come.
Yes,the time has come.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hmmmmmmmmm.So,I am back with one more insights into life.
Was standing at the railway station today.Had been to Hyderabad.
Was coming back to Pune.
Aarti and Shradha were talking and I was jst leaning near the train's window.
And then I heard the tinkling of a child's toy.
Turned back to the direction of the toy.AND there I saw a hawker, a man in his 40's,selling children's toys.
And the only different thing that one could observe instantly was the white stick he was carrying to guide him.
He was blind,but still one couldn't say that he was 1 sorry figure brooding over his loss of eyes.
Instead,he looked the world in its eyes with confidence.
He crossed us.And I kept watching him for sometime.Then the train honked its horn.
We both bid farewell to Shradha.
And while we were coming out of the station,I saw one more blind man,completly different from the one I had seen earlier.
This man was a beggar.He was seeking alms from passer by's as generally we tend to have a sympathy for blind men.

There were two people completly similar in their physical abilities but poles apart in their mental prowess.

"When both could do whatever they wanted one chose to be a beggar while the other a self sustained man."

The difference always lies in what we choose.
THE DIFF LIES IN WE OURSELVES.We crib over sadness,over gloom that we ourselves have happily chosen.
Our life is but our decision,how we take them is all that's goin to matter.

So the next time when world gives us a choice choose being a self dependent than being an alms seeking beggar.
Till then learn.................

Monday, February 23, 2009

Are you sure boys are safe

This is not some happy shit as I generally write,
not a poem that I happily cherish in telling my loved ones.
This is something that a number of people have undergone but not all are able to recover.
For some these traumas have left a scathing mark,
some have somehow able to overcome and still are haunted by those nightmares and still there are millions all over the world who daily undergo these tortures.

Yes, I am talking about molestation,infact sexual molestation or to be more precise child abuse.

This event dates back at a time when I was reasonably big,big enough to understand worldly ways but still small not to understand the evils that lurked in the corners..
big enough to speak as a seasoned eloquent speaker at inter college debates but still small to not get frightened at the first sign of fright.......
This happened after the end of my second year of my college(Engineering to be precise).
Like,all of the ambitious aspiring intelligent students I too had this dream of havi g an MBA from IIM.
And for this I had been damn serious,a seriousness that was present but in scant proportions otherwise.
So, as I said I was putting in a lot of effort to cut through CAT for the 'creme-de-la-creme' .
I used to go to a premier coaching institue which was some twenty kms away,after my college hours.And in this process I usually ended up returning late as it took a little more time in winding up my GD-PI sessions.

So, here I was like all other days,after another session at the coaching institute.I stood at the signal anxiously waiting for a vehicle so as to reach back to my hostel.It was not too late 9:00 pm to be precise.But,the place(Udaipur) had little conveyance that took me to my hostel(Dabok),which was situated at the outskirts of the city.
There was not much of a traffic on that day.The night had little traffic except a few trucks and some cars.And I never feared the calm,being a brave boy.
BRAVE I assumed because a lad who has seen 2 years of college as a hostel dweller has enough of his share of fights and I know because there had been instances in my college where I had spearheaded a few agitations.So,as such I was quite sure of myself but still I was cautious.

And then while I was waiting for a vehicle an old man appeared on his cranky moped.

And you know how affably youth like me respond to the concerns of the old.Because,we are always told that it is the gentlemen who are always responsive to the kids,ladies,the OLD and the needy.And I always wanted to be a gentleman.

And this man seemed peculiarly old,the kind of old who would fall at a little pushing,who would smile and tell caring grandpa stories,who would fight for the happiness of kids,who seemed to be badly treated at home.One whom I would be ready to help at the moment he would ask me to.

So,this man came to me on his two wheeler,a moped(which I was quite unsure how a man of such gait was driving).
He came and with an added smile asked me :-बेटा,सेवाश्रम चौक कहा है।
{son where is Sevashram Chowk(A signal crossing)?}
I told him the route.And then the so called 'old man' asked me to guide him by being his pillion to that very place.Now,since I had to go the same way and I was not at all afraid of him and moreover I am always happy to help.
So,I hitched on his backseat guiding him till his destination.
It was some 10 minutes ride but the speed with which he drove made me feel as an eternity.
I thought that it was so because he was old but figured out the reasons a bit later.
While driving he started talking to me on a very friendly note,about studies,about college.
But then things started to become nasty.He started inquiring about things that even boys generally don't discuss with their friends.The moment I felt that something was goin astray I gently snubbed him thinking that he said so by mistake(not to agree to the fact myself that he was trying to talk cheap)or probably since the vehicle was moving so I couldn't quiet understand what he said.
But then his hand started to move in unwanted proportions.He put his hand on my thigh while driving.I took his hand away the first time thinking that he wanted to have support.
But then it came again and again.And then I told him to stop the moped.He din't, saying that the stop was just a few meters away.I shouted back to stop.By the time this was some crossing that we had reached.I got down at the side.And he got down even faster than me.
And in his final bid he tried to say thank you by extending a handshake.But his hand wasn't moving towards my hand.I intervened him in between with my hand.I was dumbstruck by the force with which he was pushing.It seemed quite impossible that a man of his built had such power.I saw some truck drivers by road side.I knew I couldn't shout because nobody would listen to a robust teenager's molestation story as compared to some sad sorry saga of a "frail old man."
Moreover I was utterly horrified that how could an old man do so.I was still recuperating from the fact that how could a man looking so fragile talk such a vulgar language.
But I had to do something.I just stopped his advancing hand in between but still I could feel the concrete fathoming pressure which was supplied to him by his evil.
"And then I twisted his hand.Asked him to better mind."And started to walk fast so as to avoid any more danger.And after I croosed the road I saw him turn back his vehicle and move to the same place from where we started.It seemed absurd because I told him that his destination was the opposite wayAnd then the gravity struck that this man might be doing this daily,trapping unassuming innocent young kids in his heinous deeds.I felt completly insecure.
Saw the truck drivers and thought that even these seemingly dangerous men were better than that evil old man.Somehow I managed to catch a bus back home.Told my fellow hostel mates the day's incident and was surprised to see that I was not alone a victim of this crime.Most of my friends had one of these horrifying experiences since childhood.Some faced it while travelling intercity in buses,some saw the same torture from their relatives while some from their seniors,neighbors and know not what.It has been 3 years since that incident.I thought at that time to report to the police,to take this issue to the newspapers as I felt that there would be thousands of children like me who become victims of such intentions.
Pedophiles like the old man are still roaming the streets openly.I have somehow luckily left unscathed from this attack and have found the powerful medium of blog to tell my story so as to spread awareness and save atleast a few like me.Its just a request by me to be receptive towards young children.Might be that they are going through the same trauma in magnanimous proportions.Boys being the bigger target as even their voice is not given much privilege as compared to girls.But still we have to do something to atleast save a few children from this dastardly act.Let's stand together against this evil.
"And I know that even as you are reading this there would be some old man prowling the streets asking an unassuming young boy about the address of a destination that he might have travelled a thousand times just to molest him."


Monday, February 16, 2009

I learnt

The best things of life aren't learnt in the classrooms,or at religious places,universities,internet

rather these things can be found at even the smallest corner of an alley,a deep crowded road,a wayward slum or even in a million dollar suite(Sounds as if inspired na).........

The only requisite being dat u need not try to learn,needn't try to force yourself,just let yourself serenade,move with the wind and all would be yours and you would be of all...

So,sit back and relax coz now I am about to let you peek into the portal of my learnings

or better my opening up......


So,ahoy we go(ALL ON BOARD)

Single line,Stay with me(Gladiator)

My learnings

How and when,I don't know.
And why is the biggest question that I guess I would be ever able to answer.
But,here this question is itself an answer to the thousand of myriad blues that I have ever felt.
This is not about me but about all of us who seek to know the answers.

This space is the dictum to all my worldly woes...
To all my unanswered problems...........
To all my dilemmas......
What I have learnt from the world or let me put it this way: what I am going to teach....