Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just not "A day in my office"

As usual one more day of office.
Well,for the information of all,am working in a software company.
And like all MNC's my company also has a staggering strong bench which they happily call as business wait.
Was on this since long till recently I 2 got a project.
Finally the process of a real job.
12 hours I am out of home.
10 to 10.

But still life hasn't changed.
The module that I am assigned to hasn't mch of a work.

And even today there was one more conference.
Boring,absolutely boring.
All were discussing Spring.
It was a small confrence room.
There was a table in between and a projector's screen in the front.
And I was there standing by a wall.A place where I could seee exactly equal no of ppl on both sides.Chatting,explaining,fighting,laughing.................
Felt like the movies.I closed and opened my eyes and things seemed to pass in seconds.

And suddenly I closed my eyes,voices seemed to die...
And I somehow felt that I am stuck.
There is this writer's voice deep down,soft very soft,lost somewhere in the cries of the crowd...

And then I realised he needed to be saved,to be resurrected,rejuvenated.
So,that he can see the light of the day.

And I said Breathe Harsha Breathe.
Fly Harsha Fly.
And then I looked back,the wings were there but a bunch of shrivelled feathers.
Looked for the sky but my eye met barriers.
And then I could feel the pull...

And then I thought the time has come.
Yes,the time has come.

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  1. so u are trying to go away from IT.not fair enough. i do appriciate ur writings man but this i would call is running away...(though i knw u r not).we can find tym for anything v want to do...is is jst a bit of managing time.my dear there is also a life apart from 10 to 10.u still have 12 complete hours and u need jst few hours to jot down ur thoughts...(...kyuki sochne k leye extra tym nae chaheye aap jaiso ko...).be a lively part of both as u always are.