Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salaaam Saab......("Is respect so COSTLY")!!!!!

Few days back I was discussing the aspect of respect with my mother.
We both had been contemplating at this thought since long.
She is a teacher at a school.

And then she told me that sometimes how much more it meant to wish a maid at school
or their school buses conductor than their colleauges
(Although I am not saying we shouldn't wish our colleauges).
Because we generally tend to take these people for granted,thinking that since we are on a higher position as compared to them so its they who should wish and respect us.
And then somewhere I made a mental note to treat one and all with equal level of respect,
the respect that I have always yearned for....

Next day was a friday.
I came to my office.
Before entering into our floor we have to sign-in in a register place near a security guard.
Since the last 2 months I have seen this guard stand up without fail and wish me good morning.I always treated him with respect and gave him a warm 'Very GM'.Actually his standing up seems even more noteworthy me as he is more aged than me.
And then there was this friday.
As ususal I came climbing the stairs running and there he was sitting at my ODC(floor's)entry.
And before he could stand up and wish me I greeted him Good morning.
He seemed dumbfounded.Although he din't say anything like that but the surprise was evident.
For the next 5 minutes while I was standing there and doin my sign in he complemented me on my attire,my shoes and finally wished me good day...

I know he obviously felt happy,but the happiness that I felt was astronomical as compared to him.

Days have passed since then and daily there is a race between us that who greets the other first.Had a chat with these guards.As my office is at 5th floor so when I climb up till here I pass all the guards one by one on each floor.And since there duties circulate on all floors,so it means that at one time or the other we had interaction.

And even today while I was coming up I cud see familiar faces waving me at each floor as I was coming up.It was actually a heavenly feeling.Its rightly said give respect and earn respect.

I know that there are millions who give respect like a gentleman but I have still seen some few who take other ppl for granted,wishing only their seniors or the ones from whom advantage can be extracted.

Even if one person understands this,then I would feel the work is done.
And yup thanks mom for giving me this wonderful advice..

Try it friends,it works..............
You will Actually feel gud:)



  1. gud job harsha...i do try to follow whatever you have mentioned here...i guess we all get this advice from our parents or gurdian,the only thing is that sometimes we are too busy with our life that we forget these small but important things...thx for reminding.

  2. Hi Harsa,

    You made me think, once again, the same dilemma that has ever bothered me: do I really deserve every greeting of love or encomium of praise that come my way?

    I've posted a snippet of similar type some two years ago and the link is
    You may perhaps like.



  3. Very true, we get what we give, a smile always multiplies :) Nice post

  4. Yes, Harsha, mutual respect is so important. Respect, after all, is another form of love. And, who doesn't want to be and feel loved. I think what you wrote is beautiful and your mother seems like a very smart woman!

  5. @Collection of Happiness
    Thanx dear.IO just wish that our busy ness doesn't overtake our knack of gud work

    I agree wid u,Are we really worthy enuf???
    I checked wid your piece.Beautiful one I must say.

    Thanx dear.I just hope dat our smile keeps on multiplying just like your colleges candid rose;)

    @Every Photo tells A story
    Thanx a ton dear.And thanx again,I would surely tell my mom bout dis.And thanx 4 ur wndrful site.

  6. As I said before, your mom should be very proud of you, Harsha. And, I'm sure she is!

  7. hi harsh... a gud reminder... we always need ppl lik i u to remind us of d moral vals in dis increasingly complex, bustling lyf...
    thx agn....


  8. @Every Photo Tells a Story
    Hi Susan.
    It's always wondeerful to see you.
    And thanx 4 bestowing so much respect to me.thanx again

    MAn I can swear that you are one of the coolest writers I have ever met.
    Just waitin for some sci fi 4m ur side(Vertiko kinesis ryt).And man iti tareef mat kar yar;)
    Thanx buddy

  9. It does!!! :) Even i do it often with my office lift man!! He always smiles when I enter!! :)