Monday, March 2, 2009


Hmmmmmmmmm.So,I am back with one more insights into life.
Was standing at the railway station today.Had been to Hyderabad.
Was coming back to Pune.
Aarti and Shradha were talking and I was jst leaning near the train's window.
And then I heard the tinkling of a child's toy.
Turned back to the direction of the toy.AND there I saw a hawker, a man in his 40's,selling children's toys.
And the only different thing that one could observe instantly was the white stick he was carrying to guide him.
He was blind,but still one couldn't say that he was 1 sorry figure brooding over his loss of eyes.
Instead,he looked the world in its eyes with confidence.
He crossed us.And I kept watching him for sometime.Then the train honked its horn.
We both bid farewell to Shradha.
And while we were coming out of the station,I saw one more blind man,completly different from the one I had seen earlier.
This man was a beggar.He was seeking alms from passer by's as generally we tend to have a sympathy for blind men.

There were two people completly similar in their physical abilities but poles apart in their mental prowess.

"When both could do whatever they wanted one chose to be a beggar while the other a self sustained man."

The difference always lies in what we choose.
THE DIFF LIES IN WE OURSELVES.We crib over sadness,over gloom that we ourselves have happily chosen.
Our life is but our decision,how we take them is all that's goin to matter.

So the next time when world gives us a choice choose being a self dependent than being an alms seeking beggar.
Till then learn.................

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  1. good job man,you have described the scene very nicely...I can see each frame (real+what ever was going through your mind)in front of my eyes.Hmmmm matlab too gud type ka likhne lag gaye ho.keep learning....