Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salaaam Saab......("Is respect so COSTLY")!!!!!

Few days back I was discussing the aspect of respect with my mother.
We both had been contemplating at this thought since long.
She is a teacher at a school.

And then she told me that sometimes how much more it meant to wish a maid at school
or their school buses conductor than their colleauges
(Although I am not saying we shouldn't wish our colleauges).
Because we generally tend to take these people for granted,thinking that since we are on a higher position as compared to them so its they who should wish and respect us.
And then somewhere I made a mental note to treat one and all with equal level of respect,
the respect that I have always yearned for....

Next day was a friday.
I came to my office.
Before entering into our floor we have to sign-in in a register place near a security guard.
Since the last 2 months I have seen this guard stand up without fail and wish me good morning.I always treated him with respect and gave him a warm 'Very GM'.Actually his standing up seems even more noteworthy me as he is more aged than me.
And then there was this friday.
As ususal I came climbing the stairs running and there he was sitting at my ODC(floor's)entry.
And before he could stand up and wish me I greeted him Good morning.
He seemed dumbfounded.Although he din't say anything like that but the surprise was evident.
For the next 5 minutes while I was standing there and doin my sign in he complemented me on my attire,my shoes and finally wished me good day...

I know he obviously felt happy,but the happiness that I felt was astronomical as compared to him.

Days have passed since then and daily there is a race between us that who greets the other first.Had a chat with these guards.As my office is at 5th floor so when I climb up till here I pass all the guards one by one on each floor.And since there duties circulate on all floors,so it means that at one time or the other we had interaction.

And even today while I was coming up I cud see familiar faces waving me at each floor as I was coming up.It was actually a heavenly feeling.Its rightly said give respect and earn respect.

I know that there are millions who give respect like a gentleman but I have still seen some few who take other ppl for granted,wishing only their seniors or the ones from whom advantage can be extracted.

Even if one person understands this,then I would feel the work is done.
And yup thanks mom for giving me this wonderful advice..

Try it friends,it works..............
You will Actually feel gud:)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just not "A day in my office"

As usual one more day of office.
Well,for the information of all,am working in a software company.
And like all MNC's my company also has a staggering strong bench which they happily call as business wait.
Was on this since long till recently I 2 got a project.
Finally the process of a real job.
12 hours I am out of home.
10 to 10.

But still life hasn't changed.
The module that I am assigned to hasn't mch of a work.

And even today there was one more conference.
Boring,absolutely boring.
All were discussing Spring.
It was a small confrence room.
There was a table in between and a projector's screen in the front.
And I was there standing by a wall.A place where I could seee exactly equal no of ppl on both sides.Chatting,explaining,fighting,laughing.................
Felt like the movies.I closed and opened my eyes and things seemed to pass in seconds.

And suddenly I closed my eyes,voices seemed to die...
And I somehow felt that I am stuck.
There is this writer's voice deep down,soft very soft,lost somewhere in the cries of the crowd...

And then I realised he needed to be saved,to be resurrected,rejuvenated.
So,that he can see the light of the day.

And I said Breathe Harsha Breathe.
Fly Harsha Fly.
And then I looked back,the wings were there but a bunch of shrivelled feathers.
Looked for the sky but my eye met barriers.
And then I could feel the pull...

And then I thought the time has come.
Yes,the time has come.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Hmmmmmmmmm.So,I am back with one more insights into life.
Was standing at the railway station today.Had been to Hyderabad.
Was coming back to Pune.
Aarti and Shradha were talking and I was jst leaning near the train's window.
And then I heard the tinkling of a child's toy.
Turned back to the direction of the toy.AND there I saw a hawker, a man in his 40's,selling children's toys.
And the only different thing that one could observe instantly was the white stick he was carrying to guide him.
He was blind,but still one couldn't say that he was 1 sorry figure brooding over his loss of eyes.
Instead,he looked the world in its eyes with confidence.
He crossed us.And I kept watching him for sometime.Then the train honked its horn.
We both bid farewell to Shradha.
And while we were coming out of the station,I saw one more blind man,completly different from the one I had seen earlier.
This man was a beggar.He was seeking alms from passer by's as generally we tend to have a sympathy for blind men.

There were two people completly similar in their physical abilities but poles apart in their mental prowess.

"When both could do whatever they wanted one chose to be a beggar while the other a self sustained man."

The difference always lies in what we choose.
THE DIFF LIES IN WE OURSELVES.We crib over sadness,over gloom that we ourselves have happily chosen.
Our life is but our decision,how we take them is all that's goin to matter.

So the next time when world gives us a choice choose being a self dependent than being an alms seeking beggar.
Till then learn.................