Sunday, April 26, 2009

I stand up and salute you

Been a long tym since I have come at this page.
But this blog is something I believe is truly me.
There wud be no publicity for this is something that I was damn clear about.
THere wont be any ads on this blog.I even din't do word of mouth publicity for this.
Coz this blog will surmount laud float fall die grow only on 1 thing and thats my work and work only.....

Dint write here much coz I dint feel anything much worthy enuf 2 write.
But there is something that pinched me back.
First of all an apology for any1 handicapped,coz I have used there true examples the most.But somehow it happens that they truly have helped me know the Truth.
And yup mom again involved...

Well,this happened 1 busy day whn mom was on her way to go to work(She being a teacher,her workplace z her school).

She missed her bus.And in a hurry she caught an auto.
In the end there was 1 more passenger in the auto apart from her,a teenage boy of 20-22 years.Now they both came to a cross road.At 1 side lay the school and at the other side the railway station.That boy had obviously to go to the station.
But seeing mummy's concern the boy told the auto driver-"Take ma'm from here,I would walk from here as the station is not much far away."

Since,he was sitting in the back seat,mom cudn't see her get down.

And when she was just about to alight from the auto,she saw the man walking,but..
but on 1 leg wid the help of crutches.
There was nothing which mom could do.
But just his humbleness made us think,that even after being lame he dint see his pain but just saw my mom's comfort.

And we all worldly fools are just raving just to have our say,just to have our comfort.
We are so much embroiled in our SELF,that even if there is a choice between our luxury and the other one's need,we would cut his NEED for our luxury.

I guess its tym for all of of us to stand up,to understand,to see things beyond the obvious.

Dear angel,I would never ever know your name,but your single action would always stay fresh,no matter what.
I stand up and salute you..