Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday khaddaram(Hole man)

I was standing there somewhat appalled by the days happenings.
Was feeling heavy hearted over my roommates cold vibes.

Was nervous that whether I would be able to continue my stay with him or not.
Felt that happiness has become elusive.

Was walking in a departmental store.
Stopped when a man came in my trajectory.
Infact a young labourer, somewhere around 20,tattered shirt,torn jeans, disheveled hair,no footwear.
There was something in the smile that he was wearing that pulled me towards him.
And then he pulled out a neatly gift wrapped small box.

And then he said to the Shopkeeper:

Ispe happy bday likh do sirji,aaj khadda ram ka birthday hai
(“Write happy Bday on it sir.Today is Khadda Ram’s[“A comic name meaning hole man”] birthday”)

And then I could feel the bicker die.
A man who was not even amply dressed,unable to have even a square meal a day,had put a heavy part of his savings for buying a gift for his friend khadda Ram.He gave the best,all that he could give,just to make his friend happy.I was moved.
I stood there smiling for long.

And then turned back with the same smile,my yesterdays dilemma eroded,and I said to myself,yes I would try again…

Wrote for 3ww for the wordsBICKER,NERVOUS,TRAJECTORY.

Wanted to write in my other blog chaos but stuff that has shown me the meaning to live is something that I put here on Worldly confrontations.