Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday khaddaram(Hole man)

I was standing there somewhat appalled by the days happenings.
Was feeling heavy hearted over my roommates cold vibes.

Was nervous that whether I would be able to continue my stay with him or not.
Felt that happiness has become elusive.

Was walking in a departmental store.
Stopped when a man came in my trajectory.
Infact a young labourer, somewhere around 20,tattered shirt,torn jeans, disheveled hair,no footwear.
There was something in the smile that he was wearing that pulled me towards him.
And then he pulled out a neatly gift wrapped small box.

And then he said to the Shopkeeper:

Ispe happy bday likh do sirji,aaj khadda ram ka birthday hai
(“Write happy Bday on it sir.Today is Khadda Ram’s[“A comic name meaning hole man”] birthday”)

And then I could feel the bicker die.
A man who was not even amply dressed,unable to have even a square meal a day,had put a heavy part of his savings for buying a gift for his friend khadda Ram.He gave the best,all that he could give,just to make his friend happy.I was moved.
I stood there smiling for long.

And then turned back with the same smile,my yesterdays dilemma eroded,and I said to myself,yes I would try again…

Wrote for 3ww for the wordsBICKER,NERVOUS,TRAJECTORY.

Wanted to write in my other blog chaos but stuff that has shown me the meaning to live is something that I put here on Worldly confrontations.



  1. What a beautiful and meaningful post, Harsha:)
    It is often other people who inspire us with their greatness, and that's why it's good to be observant and notice both the small and big things. As you've already witnessed for yourself.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us to bring further inspiration for those of us who may need it.

  2. nice perspective. It is true that when you see someone struggling with something so much profound than your petty issues, it makes you realize you can change the situation.
    Thank you for the inspiring story.

  3. It is the people that have the least can teach us the most. Nice post.

  4. Yeah, there's nothing stranger than folks, as some people in this part of the world, might say!