Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Just completed watching PARZANIA.
And I can't fathom the anger,the unrest toiling in me.
The movie enunciated-What happened during the Gujarat riots.something which happens during all religious riots-the eclipse of revenge,hatred,rage,narrow mindedness,violence eclipsed over sense.

No,it is not a nightmare.Its the foolishness of the hopeless bastards coming together who never ever once have been able to do anything good in their life.
Grouping together,killing people,raping women,mauling families,brandishing swords
-absolute mayhem.
Just a movie sent a chill down my spine,I even shudder to imagine what would have been the state of the hapless thousands who were very much butchered live during these rampages.

Not long time back while I was staying in my hostel during my engineering years I had quite a good friendship with my college juniors.

Most of them were from Gujarat.
One fine day I just casually asked them about the Gujarat and Godhra riots,the languished look itself spoke a thousand words even before they said anything.
And then what they told me was something that even to this day sends a chill down my spine.One of them told me that he had seen these rioters havocing hell on a pregnant women and her daughter.
Firstly they raped the daughther-6 years old,so small so fragile in front of the mother's eyes.Then they raped the mother herself.While raping her they threw her daughter in the fire nearby.
And after they were done with the lady they cut straight through her stomach and they were not satisfied till they were done killing the foetus also.
Now is this the day we all are educated for.
Can't we people even have just one small sense of humanity.

I always think that we young people are educated,we would never ever take part in such dastardly acts of stupidity.
I too have friends,friends across all religions,friends following different gods,different thought processes.We are not the ones who would ever do so.

But,sadly for me i have also seen people as young as me lost in religious extermism.They think that they are superior because of their religion.
Just last year i was working at a place in India where the word patience in people was NULL.
It was the very place which was in news a few days back because of the Marathi natives opposing each and everyone who was not a native of that place.

This was my first stint with such religious and geographical narrow mindedness.
I would like to remind my friends time and again that these riots,foolish killings are just the brainchild of some political leader and nothing else.
They just fill that hate with their infuriating remarks and their work is done.Please don't fall for this.

Everyother day we hear happenings-Fall of Babri masjid,attack on pub going women,Godhra issue.....
Terrosrism and acts of violence are sometimes because of a seed of these contentions.

Yes,I agree that every nation has its part of riots and communal outbursts but there are hardly any nations where riots are supported by the government and the police.
I have always loved my country but the attitude of certain countrymen makes me sceptical.

My fellow friends PLEASE WAKE UP.
We are the ones who can make a difference to this world.
Every other day we meet someone who is full of this religious filth ready to explode.
Teach them patience,teach them respect.
Teach them love.There is no word like revenge.
Cause in that case this war would never stop.
Even a small act of humanness from us might set a whole system's velocity right.

I would like to use this post as a medium to say with folded arms to each and every reader-Please never ever even think of indulging in such an activity.

Please spread this chain,spread love.

As Gandhiji rightly said-"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".


  1. Harsha, the description is spine-chilling. Even a sci-fi would not let this happen to androids and robots!

    I entirely agree with you that the change in attitude should come from young people. That society is a pluralistic concept should sink well into the young mind.

    Political backing of mayhem makes things virulent. There was backing when Sikhs were targeted, then the Muslims at Gujarat. This should be the last and let's pray for that.

    Why do educated people stay away from politics? Young people with education know it well what would keep India United.



  2. @A_N_Nanda
    I can't tell you how happy I feel to read your views.I always felt that there is a heavy sect of like minded educated people who are real intellectuals and still think on the grounds of humanity and compassion.
    But due to a select few "backed" people our country is having the worst days of its life.
    Sadly, some times these select few have the ability to generate mass hysteria and this mass hysteria of cynicism engulfs families and nations.The work of us people if not much is to atleast curb the fanaticism.Even if we can't do much than atleast we can stay away from it.
    And one strong decision from a strong individual can change the mentalities of many who either lack the courage or conviction to do so.
    Thanks again.


  3. i agree wid u harsha...all these riots on the name of religions...are bullshit...hw cn a human being overlook another one and kill him/her??its pathetic...animals r far better than humans...atleast dnt kill their own kinds...wat do they gain by these one cn figure out....god plzz gv dem common sense....

  4. @rishi
    No one can ever figure out all this.
    But one thing we all can figure out atleast that all this is not right,not human.
    Let's do our part by atleast not supporting them even in the slightest form.
    Thanks dear for dropping by.


  5. Such things are done in the name of religion but not because of religion. Always it is politics, politics, politics. And I often think the one thing that can guarantee such barbarity is the naivety many have of thinking we're too civilised, now, to do it.
    This is an important and powerful post.

  6. You have opened my eyes to a way of things in a different country, a deep gaze into a different culture that I need to pay closer attention to and for that I am very grateful.

  7. hey harsha its really very sensitive issue and we need to take it seriously ... because in riots both the victim and culprit are from us,so we need to really understand the main problem sustaining in us we have to eradicate that .... if people are getting killed by some one of our own country men then we are also in a way or other responsible for it.
    I think every one has to take responsibilty and Spread the message of LOVE not hatered.

  8. An excellent reminder of the lack of human qualities in many.

  9. Very descriptive and eye opening... the languished look itself spoke a thousand words even before they said anything... speaks a thousand words to me.

  10. @AnthonyNorth
    Important point Anthony.
    Done in the name of religion but not because of religion.
    Sadly here in India we have the so called Saffron wing which en cashes on the religious chaos.
    Naivety is what is ruling the roost.
    Thanks for seeing the importance Anthony.

    @Thom G
    Blogging is like many things the window to places that we never knew existed.
    And this was one of the 1000 of sad horrific sagas that would never see the light of the day.
    And hence the post.
    Thanks for letting us have a place where I actually get a chance to connect with people who understand the real meaning of things.

    Very rightly said,Akky.
    Riots,the place where the culprit and the victim are none but us and us only.
    And hence the onus too is on us to smother the ruckus.
    And its the mentality of ourselves again who have the power to make or break the straw.

    "I think every one has to take responsibilty and Spread the message of LOVE not hatered."

    And this very much was the message I wanted to spread.
    And am happy I could incite the feeling of love:)

    I just hope the reminder spreads.
    Human qualities which is sadly a rare thing to find.
    Are people even worthy enough to be called as humans?
    Thanks for visiting dear.

  11. @wordvamp
    Yes,the languished look.
    And I guess it would still stay in their eyes,amidst everything,it would still stay.
    Thanks for visiting dear.


  12. Very moving, very chilling...

    I weep.

  13. @Mark
    Just wanted to tell the truth that I heard.
    Sadly,things like these or rather such close shadows have surfaced their heads time and again during these riots.
    Let's bring our best against them.
    Thanks for visiting dear.


  14. Its so sad - isnt it?
    I have heard of the movie, but haven't watched it...

    Hope the message gets spread...

  15. @Just someone
    Yes very sad dear.
    Sometimes the word sad even seems small for such insanity.
    Do,watch the movie,it will somewhere give you the view of heinous acts taking place.
    Although even the movie stands small compared to the truth.
    Thanks for coming by.


  16. Harsha as I read this tears begin to fall, and as I am typing this they are still falling. I know this violence. I lived it. When I was young I had to hide under a bed, while white men with hoods shoot up our house, simply because we wanted to have a voice in our government, our country. I saw black men beaten, and at the time I didn't even know they were being castrated, because of thier skin color. We were raped because we were told we had no rights, and being brown skinned, we were animals and not human being.

    Yes, I know, and my insides hurt as I read about the mother and child, and all the other mothers and children, today, being slaughter because of the extremes of religions. And yet they preach about God's love for all. How could that be? And what god are they talking about?

    My brother, I feel you -- and I pray, yes, pray to whatever God is listening --- if there is such a being, why? Why all this?

    I hurt inside, and I know, that this too will NOT pass. Thank you for sharing, and if nothing else, the Internet is a blessing for we can communicate without the propaganda.

  17. @Amias
    Amias,what can I say.
    As always am speechless after reading your comments,your feelings,of all that you went through.
    You and millions of countless souls have ever felt.
    It just happened that I heard about this from some friends of mine,just HEARD.
    I even shudder to think what one might have gone through,while witnessing HELL itself.
    This whole thing seems so absurd,so insane but still its there very strongly imbibed in the history of almost each and every nation.
    The atrocities,the pain and the reason behind them-Apartheid,Racial discrimination,Religious differences,God's superiority.
    Does anything ever be so powerful that it can justify death,killing,rape.....
    And then they cite revenge for what happened.And this vendetta in turn claims more innocents,more children.
    Is this the day we all are here for???
    Amias,I know you would stand tall as you always have.
    And I am happy that there are people like you who even after seeing all this preach love and not hatred.And I am happy that I could meet people like you who are so true,so right.
    I know it will NOT pass,but I know one more thing that people like you won't let it happen once more and do their best to stop this insanity till the best of our limits.

    My sincere respect for you.
    Thanks again Amias.


  18. @gautami tripathy
    Thanks dear for visiting.


  19. Beautifully written...always being right is a very lonely place to be. Thank you for the reminder!


  20. @b
    Thanks b.
    It is very true that being right is not generally preferred and hence its always a tough lonely path.
    But,yes the point is its right.
    Thanks for visiting dear.


  21. it makes me sad to even read this, & yes reality is harsh and hard to take as you have pointed out here

  22. @lissa
    The reality is sad lissa and harsh.
    And harsh is always hard to accept.
    Thanks dear for visiting.


  23. I'm reading a book called The True Believer by Eric Hoffer. It was written in the 1950s but is just as true today. He says fanatics are disappointed people who lack faith in their own abilities. They join a movement so they can feel part of something big and so they won't have to be responsible for their own success or failure. The group becomes their excuse for everything, even for evil.

    Fanatics are sad, small-minded people who follow their group blindly so they won't have to think or struggle for meaning in life. If they kept to themselves and left the rest of us alone, the world would be a better place.

  24. @Ann
    A very deep insight.
    I too very much believe that fanatics are people who want to hide behind their losses and fear.
    And you have very rightly enunciated the group thing.
    They take the cover of the group.And a group never has to answer to anything not even evil.In this shroud they commit all sorts of heinous deeds without any accountability.
    As it is rightly said a crowd has no face.
    Lets hope and find ways to keep the fanatics to themselves and terror at bay.
    Thanks for sharing he wonderful insight Ann,and thanks for visiting.
    Waiting to see more of you.




  27. @Anonymous
    It would be wonderful if I could know you and share my views with you.
    The information you provided is chilling as well as contemplative.
    Thanks for sharing and visiting.
    But,I would feel more thankful if you could let us know your identity the next time.


  28. I still can't believe the unconscientious incident did really happen...I have no words... :(

  29. @Megha
    I heard this and actually me too am afraid to believe this.
    But the point is that even if an incident gory to a single prcnt has happened then it is real sad.
    But the truth is incidents like this do happen,a lot.

    Thanks for visiting dear.


  30. harsha,
    hope that we all come together to make society a better place to live in.
    such crime doesn't hold any place in this country which is so great because it gives place to millions where they earn their bread and butter.
    i just got carried away with the post.
    today's youth is no doubt, educated but doesn't have directions to work upon. Love, infatuation, sex, drugs, short cut success have taken a toll over them. And majority of them are like this only.
    Ofcourse, we need one GANDHI now, but as everyone seems to get their own sense now, so it seems a doomed possibility. better all follow single thought. It's high time to sow a seed of new universal religion where only humanity and sanity prevails.
    there's lot to speak. Will come back soon.

  31. @prashant
    Thanks Prashnat for sharing your thoughts,your feelings.
    When I wrote this post I very much wanted to highlight the very things that you beautifully put here.
    Not only the youth but most of the society today lies in a state of a disordered orderly chaos.
    We have seen people so young but with such old outdated mandated views that it pains us.
    But what I feel happy about is that this World has got people like you who understand the values and reasons the world is for.
    Yes,it is high time to sow seeds of a new universal religion where only humanity and sanity prevails.
    I am eagerly waiting to hear more from you.
    DO come back dear and just leave a link of your email id so that we can have a better exchange of ideas.
    Thanks for visiting buddy.