Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

Just completed watching PARZANIA.
And I can't fathom the anger,the unrest toiling in me.
The movie enunciated-What happened during the Gujarat riots.something which happens during all religious riots-the eclipse of revenge,hatred,rage,narrow mindedness,violence eclipsed over sense.

No,it is not a nightmare.Its the foolishness of the hopeless bastards coming together who never ever once have been able to do anything good in their life.
Grouping together,killing people,raping women,mauling families,brandishing swords
-absolute mayhem.
Just a movie sent a chill down my spine,I even shudder to imagine what would have been the state of the hapless thousands who were very much butchered live during these rampages.

Not long time back while I was staying in my hostel during my engineering years I had quite a good friendship with my college juniors.

Most of them were from Gujarat.
One fine day I just casually asked them about the Gujarat and Godhra riots,the languished look itself spoke a thousand words even before they said anything.
And then what they told me was something that even to this day sends a chill down my spine.One of them told me that he had seen these rioters havocing hell on a pregnant women and her daughter.
Firstly they raped the daughther-6 years old,so small so fragile in front of the mother's eyes.Then they raped the mother herself.While raping her they threw her daughter in the fire nearby.
And after they were done with the lady they cut straight through her stomach and they were not satisfied till they were done killing the foetus also.
Now is this the day we all are educated for.
Can't we people even have just one small sense of humanity.

I always think that we young people are educated,we would never ever take part in such dastardly acts of stupidity.
I too have friends,friends across all religions,friends following different gods,different thought processes.We are not the ones who would ever do so.

But,sadly for me i have also seen people as young as me lost in religious extermism.They think that they are superior because of their religion.
Just last year i was working at a place in India where the word patience in people was NULL.
It was the very place which was in news a few days back because of the Marathi natives opposing each and everyone who was not a native of that place.

This was my first stint with such religious and geographical narrow mindedness.
I would like to remind my friends time and again that these riots,foolish killings are just the brainchild of some political leader and nothing else.
They just fill that hate with their infuriating remarks and their work is done.Please don't fall for this.

Everyother day we hear happenings-Fall of Babri masjid,attack on pub going women,Godhra issue.....
Terrosrism and acts of violence are sometimes because of a seed of these contentions.

Yes,I agree that every nation has its part of riots and communal outbursts but there are hardly any nations where riots are supported by the government and the police.
I have always loved my country but the attitude of certain countrymen makes me sceptical.

My fellow friends PLEASE WAKE UP.
We are the ones who can make a difference to this world.
Every other day we meet someone who is full of this religious filth ready to explode.
Teach them patience,teach them respect.
Teach them love.There is no word like revenge.
Cause in that case this war would never stop.
Even a small act of humanness from us might set a whole system's velocity right.

I would like to use this post as a medium to say with folded arms to each and every reader-Please never ever even think of indulging in such an activity.

Please spread this chain,spread love.

As Gandhiji rightly said-"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".