Sunday, October 9, 2011

How corrupt is a cop

Came here infact after many years.
How can I stop writing on something that had been my window to a world I believed in , of feelings I felt for real. Of a world that I wished and happily which existed.

Well, this has been an old story.But still I am putting it up now cause the memory is still fresh.The pensive holds all and shows all.
It was during when,  I worked at Satyam .
After many days I had this urge to return to my hometown.
There me and my close friend Rahul after our regular meeting up planned to go on our regular roadside hotels.
It was late in the night when we started. Rahul's bike looked suitably suited for this long ride.
After travelling quite a few kilometers in the dead dark night highway we reached our destination- a dhaba(restaurant) hidden from the ambush of the city.
After parking the vehicle when we finally settled there we felt that the things were not the same as we regularly found here.True that we always had this truck drivers crowd here but today the crowd too was oriented.

Slowly, we gauged the situation.
Few minutes back  a major accident had occurred just next to the dhaba. But now teh casualties were dealt with, the vehicles removed and the place was left not with much action apart from the small circle of people sitting on the cot next to us.
The wintry night was quite chilly and the fire next to that cot gave me further reasons to move closer to the group.
With my hot tea cup I moved inside the place where something was happening.
There in the middle of the group I saw a policeman sitting facing others.I without him uttering a word exactly knew where the discussion would head.I knew it like life that the next thing would be his negotiation for bribe.
But what he spoke on that day completely changed what I thought about these uniformed souls.
There this cop was sitting and he said to one person in the front
" It was very human of you to look at the person in trouble and to take him to hospital.It is because of people like you that the world is a better place.Keep helping others".

He thanked him again and before I could come out of my disbelief the policeman left.

I dint have much to say but still I believe that because of cops like you we still have some belief in humanity.
Only because the way this cop reacted atleast the group on that night would not think twice before helping an injured person by the roadside and for this Sir, you have my deepest respect.


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